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Do your Pets Send Home Buyers Running

Do your Pets Send Home Buyers Running
July 23, 2020 LeePingTeo
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Do your pets send home buyers running?

Owning a pet enriches our lives and brings us so much joy it is hard to believe that not everyone is crazy about dogs or cats as much as we are. Sometimes it is allergies or bad past experiences, but many people are uncomfortable around even the most friendly and well-behaved pets. In a recent survey by insurance broker Policy Expert, up to 80% of potential home buyers or renters would not consider the property if there was any odor due to pet ownership.

Selling a home can be hard work and not an easy or enjoyable process. It takes time and money that we do not have, and potential buyers always want to see the home at the most inconvenient times. When you are a pet owner, especially if you have multiple pets, this becomes very disruptive and may seem like an impossible task.

For a potential home buyer, the concern is usually not the pets themselves but their perceived effect on a home’s cleanliness. All pets have accidents. Unfortunately, the odor from those accidents can linger, and if accidents are frequent, the odor can linger indefinitely. We live with our pets, so many times we become nose-blind to their odors and do not notice the scratches and other damage they’ve created. Depending on the extent of pet odor and damage, the value home may be reduced significantly by $20,000 or more (Time).

Our pets are part of the family and are always worth the trouble, but when you are trying to sell your house the goal is to make your house appeal to as many buyers as possible. As a pet owner, it is important to understand that pet odors and damage can prevent your home from selling.

So what can pet owners do?

To ensure your home will sell, you will need to eliminate pet odors and any signs of damage. The best way to achieve this is by having a close friend inspect the home, inside and out, to help identify pet damage and where the odors reside. Once you determine the extent of the pet damage and location of the odors you can work on getting rid of them. In some cases, a quick fix will do, but many times repairs and odor elimination can be significant and expensive.

Here are some tips and fixes:

Wash all Fabrics

Wash everything that is washable. This includes blankets, pet bedding, area rugs, pet toys, and window coverings.

Scrub the Floors

Scrub all floors with an appropriate cleaner. Whenever possible, use products that are specifically designed to eliminate pet odors. You will be amazed at how good they are at eliminating the odor.

Clean the Carpets

Time to bring in the professionals. You want an experienced carpet cleaning company that will evaluate the condition of your carpet and tell you honestly if your carpet can be saved or needs to be replaced.

Change the Filters

Replace your old HVAC filters with a new odor-eliminating HEPA filter. Clean any fur or hair that may get attached to the vents.

Use an Ozone Machine

An ozone machine carefully placed in a home for a few days can do wonders when it comes to removing odors. These machines remove odors by destroying the spores and bacteria that cause tough to remove odors.

Get the Bugs Out

If your pets have fleas, the house will have fleas. Fleas are very small and get into and under everything. Exterminating a flea infestation can take several treatments and is best left to the professionals

Hide the Box

If your furry family member happens to be a cat, you will need to make sure the litter box is as clean as possible, cleaned daily, and located in a discreet location.

Clean the Yard

A backyard full of dog poop will not help sell the house. Spend a few minutes in your backyard cleaning up the droppings or hire a pooper scooper service to do it for you. Once cleaned, you will need to keep it that way while the home is on the market. You should also fix areas in the yard that have been torn up by the dogs playing or digging.

Fight the Fur

If your pet is a fluffy or furry one, you will need to fight the fur battle. Pet fur on the floors and furniture will not only impact the look of cleanliness but with many people, it can trigger an allergic reaction. Vacuuming and sweeping up the pet fur must be done daily and if possible right before a potential buyer tour the home.

Fix What is Chewed and Scratched

Many of our beloved pets will chew or scratch walls, doors, cabinets, and furniture. Many buyers who see items chewed and scratched will assume that there is additional pet damage that is not obvious, even if the damage is only visible on the furniture. The damaged items should be fixed, replaced, or in the case of furniture removed from the home.

What Can’t Be Cleaned

Pet odors are quite persistent so there may be parts of your home that no matter how much scrubbing you do, you will not be able to eliminate the odor. This may include wood flooring where the pet odor has seeped between the boards to the subfloor below or other areas that may have been exposed to pet urine for an extended time period. In these cases, the only remedy will be to remove and replace these items.

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Do I really need to do all of that?

If this seems expensive and a lot of work – you are right, it is. But if you want to sell the house in a fairly short time period, at a price that makes sense, then yes, you really need to do all that. “It stinks in here” isn’t the first words you want from a potential buyer as most will leave without touring the home.

Is there a better way?

An alternative that not only eliminates all of the stress, expense, and problems is to sell the house as-is to OutFactors. We will assume all of the risks of cleaning the house and restoring the damage to the home.

Whether you have one furry family member or twenty, you can be assured that the professionals at OutFactors will treat you and your pets with respect, understanding, and compassion.

Here are the advantages of selling your home as-is to OutFactors:

  • Immediate cash for the value of the home.
  • You get a fresh start without adding stress to your already busy life.
  • You avoid the financial hardship of paying for the repairs.
  • Less stress on the two and four-legged family members.

We Buy the Home – Without the Hassle

For many Dallas homeowners, selling the home as–is makes the most sense. They get a fair price and close on their schedule with the least amount of disruption in their normal daily life. At OutFactors, we make the sale effortless and stress-free!

Please visit for additional information or to receive your fair all cash offer click here and see why it is better and faster to sell to OutFactors. You can get an all cash offer in 1 day and close in as little as 10 days.

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