Terrell, Texas
Terrell, Texas
July 18, 2021 Mark MacFarlane at OutFactors.com

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    Terrell, Texas

    Railroad Depot to Thriving Suburb

    Terrell is a suburb of Dallas, Texas that is situated thirty miles east of the Dallas central business district on US Highway 80, State Highways 34 and 205 in northern Kaufman County.

    George Paschall arrived in the area in 1848 and is considered to be one of the first settlers, but there was little growth or activity until 1873 when Robert A. Terrell, an early pioneer and surveyor, and his partners, donated land to Texas and Pacific Railway to construct a rail line through the area with a train depot. The partners also donated some of the lands they purchased to create a townsite around the newly established train depot. That same year, the first post office was established and Jasper Johnson was appointed as the postmaster. The community was named Terrell after Robert A. Terrell.

    In 1875, the town became incorporated and by the mid-1880s, Terrell had 3,000 inhabitants, three weekly newspapers, three flour mills, three gins, and nine churches. Terrell had private schools as early as 1874, and a public school system had been established by 1882.

    To ease overcapacity at the hospital in Austin, the State Hospital to treat the developmentally disabled opened a second branch in Terrell in 1885. Over the next 5 years, Terrell continued to expand and was home to a creamery, an iron foundry, and a canning plant. In 1892, the Texas Midland Railroad established its headquarters in Terrell.

    W. B. Toon, Robert Terrell’s son-in-law, founded Toon College in 1897, and the school name was converted to Terrell University School in 1901. In 1904, TUS was renamed North Texas University Academy, which was later changed to Wesley College in 1909 and was moved to Greenville in 1912. Terrell was previously the home of the Texas Military College that was located in Terrell from 1914 to 1949.

    In the 1980s, Terrell had a campus branch of Trinity Valley Junior College that helped diversify the economy, but the economy of the town was mainly based on agricultural businesses and production plants that manufactured machine parts, clothes, and plastic products. Over the next 20 years, Terrell continued to steadily grow, and by 1990, the population was approximately 12,400 residents and by the year 2000, the population was over 13,600 people.

    To honor the British pilots who trained and flew out of the Terrell Airfield during WWII (later would become the Terrell Municipal Airport), Terrell residents created the British Flight Training School Museum which has in its archive of comprehensive school flight training records is based at Terrell Municipal Airport. During the year 2000, the museum helped to honor four Royal Air Force airmen who perished in a World War II plane crash.

    Today, Terrell is a rural but growing suburb of Dallas with a population of approximately 18,900 residents and encompasses 27.33 square miles.

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