Saginaw, Texas
Saginaw, Texas
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    Saginaw, Texas

    Railroad Town to Thriving Suburb

    Saginaw is a small city in Tarrant County, Texas that is a suburb of Fort Worth and is located about 11 miles due north of downtown Fort Worth.

    Just like most North Texas communities, it started as a farming and cattle ranching community that was initially named Dido. This changed with the arrival of Mr. Green, who was born on March 13, 1829, to Wardwell and Polly Green in Farmington Township, Michigan. He started a mercantile business in Pontiac, Michigan in 1867, which flourished for almost 22 years. In 1889, he sold his business to C. W. Horton and traveled to Texas. Upon his arrival in Texas in 1833 and settling in the area, Green initially named the new settlement Pontiac, after his hometown in Michigan. Unfortunately, when a request for a post office was submitted, the name was rejected by the United States Postal Service because the name was already in use. Green then decided to rename the community Saginaw, which is another name from his home state of Michigan. Saginaw is originated from the Ojibwe language, which means to flow out. This name was accepted by the United States Postal Service and a post office was granted.

    During the late 1880s, the farming and ranching community was transformed by the arrival of three different rail lines. Due to its location, Saginaw was designated as the final railroad stop for trains heading south into Fort Worth. The three rail lines that used Saginaw as a train depot were the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway, the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway, and the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway. Saginaw quickly became a major transportation and rail line hub with extensive grain storage and milling facilities.

    The rail lines spurred growth, so shortly after the arrival of the railroad, a school was opened. The growth of the community continued, and just 10 years later, the school had 43 pupils and employed 2 teachers. Over the next 50 years, Saginaw remained the regional transportation hub, and with the arrival of the Burrus Mill and Elevator Company in 1936 became home to the largest grain elevator in Texas and the second-largest in the nation.

    Although the rail lines remained important fixtures in the community, starting in the 1960s, Saginaw started to grow and was beginning to be transformed into a residential suburban community. Between 1960 and 1970, the population more than doubled to over 2,300 people. This period of accelerated growth continued, and by 1980, the population again doubled to 5,700 residents. Over the next 30 years, Saginaw continued to grow, mature, and blossom into a residential community. By 2010, the once small community had over 19,800 residents.

    Today, Saginaw is a thriving suburban community that covers 7.66 square miles and has over 24,000 residents who are proud of their “train and grain” heritage.

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