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Celina, Texas

Celina, Texas
December 31, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

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Do you want the highest cash offer for your home in Celina? At OutFactors, getting a cash offer on homes is simple, fast and easy. We strive to pay the highest the cash price for houses without the middlemen, realtors, or third party agents. We buy directly from homeowners, allowing you to get cash offer for homes in Celina without the hassles of the traditional sales process. Once you sell your house for fast cash to OutFactors, you will never consider selling the traditional method again.

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Most home sellers dream of selling their home quickly. At OutFactors, we make the dream of “Sell House Quickly” a reality. We are a cash home buyer and to sell a house quickly you just need to answer 4 simple questions. A few hours later you will receive a great cash offer for the home. Request an offer today and your home will be sold tomorrow. Fulfill your dream to sell your house fast.

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When you sell to cash home buyers, like OutFactors, there are no appraisals or bank approvals needed. No buyer is deciding when to close based upon a date that is convenient for them to move in. We buy houses and close when it is convenient for the seller. You pick the closing date and how fast you get cash for your home. When you sell your house fast for cash to OutFactors, you are in control.


Move When You’re Ready

Just because you want to sell your house fast for cash doesn’t mean you need to move out immediately. As an investor that pays cash for houses, we are not bound by the typical rules. Our goal is to be flexible and meet the needs of the seller. When you sell your house fast to OutFactors, we offer a leaseback option that allows you to move out when you’re ready. Need an extra 3 days or 3 months? Not a problem.

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No Repairs or Upgrades

A traditional home buyer is very different than a cash home buyer like OutFactors. They will expect the home to be in good repair and well maintained. When you sell my house fast for cash to OutFactors, you are selling the home as-is. Why go through the stress and aggravation of repairing your home when you can get the same amount of cash and sell the house as-is?

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Avoid High Fees

When a home seller engages a realtor and sells their home using traditional methods are required to pay thousands of dollars in fees. These fees really add up and are usually between 6 and 8 percent of the gross sales price. That is a chunk of change! When you sell your house fast to OutFactors, we pay cash for houses without a realtor and the high fees.

Sold and Closed

Our company has a simple goal, to pay cash for houses under the most flexible terms possible to meet the needs of the seller. To achieve this goal, we give fair cash offers on houses, buy the homes as-is, have the lowest fees in the industry, and give the seller terms that meet their needs. Your house can be sold in 1 day and closed in 10 days or less. How can we help you?

Get the Highest Cash Offer on Homes in Celina Texas

Celina, Texas

Farming Community to Fast Growing Suburb

Celina is going through a time of rapid growth and change with a population that has nearly doubled in the last 10 years making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the DFW metroplex. Due to Celina’s strategic location sitting between major transportation arteries of Preston Road and the expanding Dallas North Tollway the rapid growth is expected to continue. But it was not always a fast-growing town and had very humble beginnings.

Celina was established in 1879 and the community was named by John  T. Mulkey who became the town’s first Postmaster.  The town was named after Celina, Tenessee, the former home of Mr. Mulkey. In 1880 a Methodist church was built and for some time also served as the local school. Celina continued to slowly grow and in 1885 a mill, a general store, and a drug store had been established.

In 1902, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway established a rail line about a mile from the original town center. Recognizing the importance of the railroad line to the town’s economy the residents of Celina moved their homes and businesses near the rail line which is the present location of the Celina town square. In 1907 Celina was formally incorporated with Will Newsom as the new mayor and by 1915 built the first road specifically for automobile use.

Like many rural Texas towns, Celina’s population declined during the Great Depression but following World War II the town started to slowly grow.  In 1950 there were 1,051 residents and by 1990 Celina had a population of over 1,500.

Today, Celina is a fast-growing Dallas suburb with a territorial jurisdiction that covers 78 square miles and a population of approximately 17,000.

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We make the home-selling process incredibly easy.  We take away the hassle and you end up with the same amount of cash.

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    Whatever situation you are facing, the people at OutFactors are here to help.  We are super easy to talk to and will always treat you with dignity and respect.


    Celina, Texas
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