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8 Advantages of Selling Your Home for Cash to OutFactors
December 23, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

8 Advantages of Selling Your Home for Cash to OutFactors

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Why You want to Sell Your Home to OutFactors!


8 Advantages of Selling Your Home for Cash to OutFactors

So you have decided to sell your home for fast cash, but now you must decide which company to contact for an offer to buy your home.  You do a quick internet search and several potential cash home buying companies pop up, but which ones are legitimate and the best to deal with?  What are the advantages and disadvantages between the different cash home buyers?

In this article, we will discuss how to compare the different cash home buyers and provide you with the 8 advantages of selling your home for cash to OutFactors.  You will appreciate the benefits of getting an offer from OutFactors and be happy that you did!

So let’s get started.

1.  Sell Your Home for the Highest Cash Price
One of the most appreciated advantages of selling your home for cash to OutFactors is the cash price we pay. We pay some of the highest cash prices for homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area and we would like to buy your home for cash. To request the highest cash offer on your home all you need to do is answer 4 simple questions.  It is really that easy to get a fast and free no-obligation from OutFactors.

2.  Locally Owned Since 2001
The website is owned and operated by Marlau Investments Inc., a family-owned Dallas Fort Worth area real estate investment company that has been helping people resolve their real estate problems since 2001. When you sell your home for fast cash to OutFactors, you will be dealing with the local Texas management team that will answer all of your questions and make sure issues are resolved before they become a problem.

Many of the other cash home buyers are located in California, New York, and other far-flung regions. You will never speak with anyone in upper management or the owners.  If you have questions or issues the local agent that does not have the authority to fix the problem and when you call the company you will get the dreaded customer service agent who knows nothing and does nothing.

Why choose to deal with a salesperson from California when you can meet and speak directly with a local Texan?

30 years of experience3.  Over 30 Years of Experience
The founders of have over 30 years of home buying experience, management, financing, and construction experience and have been doing business right here in Dallas Fort Worth for 20 years. We have a long track record as cash home buyers that you can rely upon.

Compare our local experience and longevity with the other cash home buyers and you will see they come up short – very short. They will have slick brochures and fast-talking salespeople, but not a track record of buying homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area for the last 20 years.

4.  Licensed Real Estate Agent
Although we do not seek to list your home or offer real estate agent services, it is good to know that employees of OutFactors are managed by a Texas licensed real estate agent and as such, are required to adhere to the highest ethical standards. You can also take comfort that licensed agents are fingerprinted and background checked.

Are the other cash home buyers managed by people who are licensed, fingerprinted, and background checked?

5.  BBB Accredited
OutFactors is proud to be an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Our policies and procedures were created to ensure that you, the customer, are always dealt with honestly, fairly, and with the utmost respect. At OutFactors, we have the cash home buyers reputation you can rely upon!

6.  Standard Easy to Read Contracts
When you sell your home for fast cash to OutFactors, we only use Texas approved contracts that are fair to all parties and written in plain easy to understand language. These are the same forms used by all licensed real estate agents in Texas and are in a format that is designed to be fair and easy to understand by the general public. When you sell your home fast for cash to OutFactors, there is no small print or confusing legal jargon.

Why would you sell to a New York or California cash home buyer that uses special contract forms that are written to benefit them?

7.  No Repairs. No Cleaning. No Showings. No Surprises
usually the word “no” is not what you want to hear.  But when you sell your home to OutFactors, the word “no” is exactly what you want and get.  We are cash home buyers who buy the home as-is.  No cleaning, no repairs, no showings, and definitely no surprises (surprises are for birthdays). When you sell your home to OutFactors, you are paid the amount agreed upon in the contract without the hassle. There is never a last-minute gotcha fee or frivolous price renegotiation. We honor our agreements without the drama.

we offer solutions

8. Solutions and Flexibility
At OutFactors, we designed our cash home buying programs to meet the needs of the seller.  We are always flexible and approachable with one goal in mind, how do we create a transaction that works for everyone.  Do you need to sell but want to remain living in the home?  OutFactors has a solution, we will buy the home and rent it back to you using our Sell and Stay Program. We are extremely flexible, just tell us what you want to accomplish and we will do our best to make it happen.  When you sell your home to OutFactors, you are selling to a fellow Texan that will work with you to create the best solution for you and your family.

You Want to Sell to Legitimate Cash Home Buyers that Will Close
We have all heard the horror stories of the seller who was all packed up and ready to move only to discover at the last moment that the buyer can’t get the loan.  At OutFactors, we are legitimate cash home buyers and will close on time per the contract terms.  You are sure to get the cash you need when you need it.

What could be easier than the 8 advantages of selling your home for cash to OutFactors? Great prices, flexibility, standard contracts, no showings, no repairs, no concessions, close on the date you choose and we offer a short or long-term leaseback.

To learn more about the advantages of selling your home for cash to OutFactors we invite you to visit or give us a call at (800) 420-7030.  The people at OutFactors are super easy to talk to and will answer all of your questions.

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