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The 1 Day Close


You may be wondering:

How can OutFactors close in 1 day?

OutFactors can close on the purchase of a property in 1 day from the date the contract is fully executed because we are true cash buyers – no middlemen – no outside approvals.

If it makes sense and it meets our purchase criteria, we simply take the cash from our bank and give it to you, the seller.


Since there is a very high level of risk involved with closing so fast, the program is for select properties that meet our 1 day close criteria. The criteria includes, but is not limited to:

  • There is a compelling need to close in 1 day, such as a pending foreclosure or other urgent need.
  • The title must be clean and/or any liens must be minimal, verifiable and dischargeable upon closing.
  • If there is a mortgage, the mortgage company must provide us with a current loan payoff statement.
  • All sellers’ must sign the sales contract and attend the closing in person.
  • The property must be insurable.

We understand that every property and situation is different so if you are in need of a very fast closing – contact us today and you could be closing tomorrow.  To get started just answer 4 simple questions or give us a call.

The sooner you start – the sooner you will have the cash you deserve.


All you need to do is answer 4 simple questions or for an immediate offer call us at (800) 420-7030

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    No Cost – No Obligation – No Surprises